Frequently Asked Questions

When did Hero Trainer's Closed Beta launch?

  • September 27th, 2019 for both Apple and Android. 

How do I install Hero Trainer?

  • Sign-up on website
  • The closed beta app install link will only be sent via email. You will not be able to find it in the apple store or Google Play Store.
  • It will only be available to users located in the U.S for now. 

Is Hero Trainer free?

  • Yes, but there will be optional premium features to purchase down the road.
  • Trust us when we say, we hate pay-to-win games and will never incorporate those elements into our app.

What games will be on Hero Trainer?

  • PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Games
  • Minion Masters, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Borderlands 3, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Fortnite, Minecraft and many more.

How do I make sure the game I play is on Hero Trainer?

  • Let us know which game you like to see on Hero Trainer.

How do I earn rewards on Hero Trainer?

  • Hero Trainer will track your steps whenever you go outside for a walk or run.
  • Hero Trainer will give you points or gems for each step walked.
  • Exchange your points for a reward code in a game you play.
  • Login to your game and redeem reward code.

How do I know the app is tracking steps?

  • You will see the step counter increase in both number and fill the progress bar
  • There will be a purple ring around number of gems indicating the gps is active - otherwise the ring will be black.

How many steps are equal to one gem?

  • 1,000 steps = 1 gem

What is the maximum number of gems you can earn in one day?

  • In the closed beta, it will be limited to 10 gems per day, but we will be adjust this as our anti-cheating algorithms improve.
  • We will add future features like bonus gems for leveling up, working out streaks, etc. 

Does the app need to open on my screen to work?

  • No, it will also work in the background. 

Where does the app work best?

  • The app does not work well indoors currently. 

Does it work with wearables or fitness apps?

  • Not for the closed beta, but we do plan to add the feature to connect to Apple Watch, Fitbit, as well as fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. 

When will you add weight-lifting or other gym activities?

  • We plan to add it in as our next feature once we launch. 

Could you explain your idea with things I know?

  • It's Twitch Prime rewards that are earned with exercise rather than watching a stream.

Okay, so why would I exercise if I could simply just watch streams to earn rewards?

  • Be confident in and out of the game: Get fit in the real world, while you level up your character in the virtual world. 
  • Save time by exercising and gaming together: Why not get your character better gear while you walk outside to pick up groceries or commute to work?
  • Train like an E-sport athlete: Many prominent e-sport athletes have started rigorous physical routines to improve their competitiveness. Don't take our word for it, take a look.
  • Have a wider selection of heroes to cosplay, not a wider belly: Having to dress up as Roadhog or the fat gamer from WoW every year can get old real fast.

If I get these game items for free, how does Hero Trainer make money?

  • Advertising, affiliate marketing, and partnerships from game companies, gyms, and fitness apps

Why did you make Hero Trainer?

  • It's way I can channel my passions for video games and fitness into helping people become healthier physically and mentally.

How do you prevent people from cheating the system?

  • We will be using multiple algorithms by tracking gps location, speed, and running rhythm.
  • Double jeopardy - if we find any foul play in our app, we will be reaching out to the game you play to notify them of your cheating habits. 

Does GPS tracking use alot of battery?

  • Not our lean-algorithm, but if you really are worried, you can turn off tracking when you're not outside. However, if you forget to turn it back on when you go outside, you may miss out on points you would have earned.  

Will you sell our data?

  • No, absolutely not. We find selling data to companies to be unethical and creepy. 

Okay, I'm sold. How can I help?

  • Fill out this survey.
  • Follow us here.
  • Share pictures of yourself gaming/exercising and tag us in your social media posts. The best pictures will even be used as background pictures for our website and app.
  • If you work at a game company or gym or fitness company, please send us an email

Are you a game company, gym, or business interested in a partnership?

Get fit in the real world, level up in the virtual world.